BeNCH regional review of Integrated Offender Management

The IPSCJ is working with stakeholders within the BeNCH Integrated Offender Management (IOM) areas of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and Northamptonshire, to conduct a regional review of how IOM is being delivered across these four areas.

Owing to the geographic spread of the BeNCH area and the range of IOM initiatives used, it is difficult to gain an overall view of what is being delivered and what is most effective. This piece of work will seek to bring together and enhance the understanding of approaches taken across these diverse geographies and provide a valuable basis to inform future service planning, delivery and practice.

The IPSCJ’s work will focus on three key areas:  

  • What is happening across the BeNCH area regarding Integrated Offender Management?
  • Who does IOM work with within each BeNCH area?
  • How is IOM work integrated with partner agencies and other partnership initiatives?

The review is not intended to provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution for IOM across all of the differing localities in the BeNCH region. Some local flavour and innovation will remain desirable in order for projects to: fit with local variations in partnership priorities and resources; identify and address particular local needs; and to deliver local priorities within the four local Police and Crime Plans.

But it is argued that there are significant benefits in considering strategically this area of work across the BeNCH region as a whole, and that learning from other projects, strategic convergence in policy and practice, and identifying elements of best practice, will all bring potential to maximise impact.

These research aims will be answered and informed by a mixed-methods approach, with semi-structured interviews, document analysis, and secondary data analysis.