Our Work

The IPSCJ’s projects currently fall under four overarching thematic bodies of work, which are referred to as ‘programmes’. The four programmes are as follows:

Centre for Citizens in Policing (CCiP)

There is very little existing research and literature in to the roles and impact of volunteers in policing. The IPSCJ will be filling this gap with the creation of the Centre for Citizens in Policing.

Launching in March 2016, the Centre for Citizens in Policing will deliver world-leading research around the role of volunteers in the police force. The CCiP will function as a long-term knowledge hub and training centre for best policy and practice in recruitment, training and management of citizens who volunteer.

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Victim, Witness and Service User Experience

Our work with victims and witnesses of crime seeks to develop the evidence needed to redesign public services in ways which minimise the impact of victimisation on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. This will be achieved through creating more efficient pathways through the justice system, and improved collaboration across policing, justice, health and social services.

In order to do this, further research is needed to capture victim experience throughout and beyond the justice process. Our analysis is looking across a number of agencies and outcomes and seeking to understand ‘what works’ in provision for victims and witnesses which enables timely recovery and continued engagement to achieve justice.

Click here for a detailed overview of our work on Victim, Witness and Service User Experience

Organisational Development

The IPSCJ is developing and testing a variety of tools to inform radical public service transformation.

This includes work on areas where there are prospects for fundamental, strategic and radical innovation, leading to new policy and practice ideas as well as new operating and organisational models in the public safety and justice fields.

Working in collaboration with EMPAC (East Midlands Policing Academic Collaboration)  – which provides resources to undertake research addressing key areas of organisational transformation – the IPSCJ’s work in this area will contribute to the development of evidence around specific approaches and feed directly into our consultancy work, undertaken through the delivery of workshops, training materials and bespoke organisational support through transformation processes.

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Translation into Practice

The IPSCJ’s Translation work develops the implementation of evidence and findings into policy and practice.

Moving away from the traditional ‘one-off’ purchasing approach of discreet research projects, the IPSCJ provides a more pro-active service. Based on the rigour of academic work, the IPSCJ collaborates with organisations to identify the significant challenges they face and work them to bring together evidence and insight with policy decision-making and practical implementation of change.

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