Centre for Citizens in Policing

A new Centre for Citizens in Policing

The big and unprecedented challenges facing the police require policymakers and professional leaders to think in new and more radical ways about future models for delivering policing outcomes. Central to this is how citizens can become ever more actively and directly involved in policing and in making their communities safe.

The new Centre for Citizens in Policing, situated within the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice, has been created to drive forward these possibilities for the remodelling of police-citizen relationships, with terms of reference of:

  • Resetting and reinvigorating relationships between an active citizenry and the police;
  • Optimising the contribution of direct citizen participation, including police volunteering and within that models of public participation such as the Special Constabulary;
  • Analysing optimum operational design and workforce to maximise citizen engagement and citizen’s desired outcomes.

The Centre will:

  • Deliver the major new evidence-based research and translation programme for police volunteering
  • Develop a new international online knowledge hub for police volunteering; bringing together the most comprehensive single site resource on police volunteering nationally and internationally, including data, research literature, a ‘census’ of volunteer activity, and examples of best practice from across the country and beyond
  • Work with key national partners to develop and disseminate evidence-based policy and practice across citizen involvement and police volunteering, including conference and workshop events, expert colloquia, training, development and consultancy
  • Work more broadly across the citizen involvement agenda, including the role of citizen action across public safety and crime prevention, faith participation and the involvement of young people in policing and public safety

Developing the evidence-base for police volunteering

This large-scale pioneering research and translation programme will contribute on a national and international scale to:

  • Improved outputs and outcomes from Specials and police volunteers
  • Enhanced experience for Specials and police volunteers
  • Growth in the recruitment of, and improvement in the ‘active career span’ and ‘overall career contribution’ for Specials and police volunteers, which in turn significantly expands the capacity and capability of police volunteering resources available to serve the public
  • Better integration for police volunteering strategically and operationally across police organisations
  • Increased value for money across Specials and police volunteers
  • Improved engagement across diversity for both Specials and wider police volunteering

Projects being delivered as part of the Centre for Citizens in Policing include: