Organisational Transformation

A significant amount of work has been undertaken addressing organisational development and change across public and private sector businesses and services. Whilst this work has developed a variety of tools and approaches which can be used to drive successful change and to support staff through transition, little has been done to test the effectiveness of these tools in policing and justice fields or across radical public service transformation.

Support for organisational development and change is most commonly provided by consulting businesses, rather than academia, where research projects and evaluations of change tend to be single commissions and rarely capture the full journey of transition and provide evidence against the tools, approaches and decisions taken throughout the change process. The IPSCJ will develop work on areas where there are prospects for fundamental, strategic and radical innovation, leading to genuine transformation into new policy, new practice and new operating and organisational models in public safety and justice fields.

Opportunities have arisen for developmental work across integrated offender management, blue-light service collaboration and early intervention work in particular. EMPAC (East Midland Policing Academic Collaboration) – with the University of Northampton as the academic lead – will undertake research addressing key areas of organisational transformation, which will contribute to the development of evidence against specific approaches, and be delivered in the form of workshops and training materials to support organisations through transformation.

Planned delivery:

The IPSCJ intends to deliver a series of major review and research projects in the next 12-15 months, including;

  • Delivery of phase one of Frontline Perspectives, investigating the experiences of frontline service deliverers within the police force
  • A review/stocktake of Integrated Offender Management across the BeNCH area (Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire);
  • The roll out of phase two of Frontline Perspective, identifying the experiences of the Fire Service
  • A policy monograph exploring the strategic pros and cons of police-fire collaboration;
  • A strategic evaluation of police-fire collaboration programmes (Including Northamptonshire, and possibly other key early adopters)
  • A policy monograph exploring the reinventing public safety through local commissioning;
  • A project looking strategically across ‘taking a generation out of crime’, strategically reviewing the model for preventing and tackling youth offending.

Projects under Organisational Transformation include: