Ross Wolf: US/UK partnership could begin global policing learning programme

US policing expert Ross Wolf hopes his partnership with the IPSCJ looking at leadership and strategic management of volunteers in policing will begin a global learning programme in the area with benefits felt in Forces around the world.

Dr Wolf has joined the Institute as an Associate to help lead research in the USA as part of the IPSCJ’s international study of citizens in policing.

And the University of Central Florida Associate Dean has an ambition to extend the research to other nations, in order to fully understand the best way to utilise volunteers in constabulary roles.

“My hope is that we will continue to develop this partnership to expand to other countries, outside of the USA and the UK,” said Dr Wolf.

“Although we have only just begun to understand the varying ways that volunteers are used in the USA alone, volunteer police exist in multiple ways and to different extents throughout the world.”

The first step in this process however is the comparison of strategies in the US and UK, with Dr Wolf in charge of US data collection and the Institute’s Dr Iain Britton leading efforts in the UK.

“The Institute has many objectives, but one of them is to expand the knowledge about volunteer police in both the UK and internationally,” added Dr Wolf.

“As this has been one of my major areas of scholarly research in the USA, I felt it was a perfect match. We are currently looking at developing a research agenda that focuses on volunteer police, including motivations, leadership, and training.

“I hope that we will be able to collect data in both the UK and the USA to develop comparative pieces that might help volunteer policing organizations in both countries to look at how things are the same, or could be done differently, to spur conversation from practitioners about positive changes.”

For more information about the findings of the international study in to leadership and strategic management of volunteers in policing, watch this space.

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