Public Perceptions of Policing and Crime in Northamptonshire: Annual Report 17/18

We’re delighted to publish the Public Perceptions of Policing and Crime in Northamptonshire Annual Report for 2017/18.

Retaining public confidence is critical if a police force is to be effective. The public are a key source of information, and their trust and cooperation is vital for policing. The importance of public confidence in policing has not changed, because the UK model still operates on the premise of policing by consent.

Research has shown that trust in police effectiveness has a positive association on the public’s perceived risk of sanction. In addition, public trust in the police has a positive association on their perceived legitimacy, which in turn should lead to increased compliance with the law and cooperation with officers.

Our report presents the results and analysis from the Public Perceptions Survey as well as the findings from an in-depth consultation with ethnic minority groups in Northamptonshire. An expansion in the methodology of the Public Perceptions Survey has had a profound impact on results, shaped by an increase in the size of the sample who have been victims of crime or anti-social behaviour (ASB). Our research has revealed that these people are significantly more concerned about crime and anti-social behaviour, and less confident in the police.

Here’s just some of the key statistics revealed in the report:

  • 32% of the sample had been a victim of crime or ASB;
  • the top 3 ASB issues were: vehicle nuisance, illegal parking, rubbish and litter and people using or dealing drugs;
  • 74% of respondents with a mental health condition indicated ASB and crime as problems in their area, compared to 40% of respondents without a mental health condition; and
  • 40% of residents do not know how to contact the police in a non-emergency.

You can download the full report by clicking here.