Victim and Witness Experience Surveying Programme

All police forces have a statutory responsibility to undertake surveys to assess victim satisfaction with policing services, across five key measures.

This responsibility has been in place in England and Wales for several years and the data collected is returned to the Home Office quarterly, to enable national comparisons and assessment over time. The Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice has been commissioned to undertake this surveying responsibility on behalf of Northamptonshire Police.

The IPSCJ has built on the statutory survey to generate insight into victim experiences beyond satisfaction with police services, looking across access and impact of support services, interactions and experiences of policing and justice agencies, impact of victimisation on mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing and more.

The IPSCJ has created the following surveying programme to deliver against the desired outcomes:

Phase One: Surveying of victims of crime* between 6 and 12 weeks after reporting the victimisation to the police (fulfilling the statutory requirement to the Home Office);

Phase Two: Surveying of victims of crime* between 6 and 12 months after experiencing victimisation;

Phase Three: Surveying victims of crime* over 12 months after experiencing victimisation

Victims who choose not to report to the police or any other agency can also participate in all three phases of the surveying programme through online and other ‘booster’ sampling techniques

* victim groups include burglary, violence, theft from vehicle, theft of vehicle, hate crime, including racist incidents and antisocial behaviour. Those aged under 16 cannot take part in this surveying programme due to the need for parental permission. Those who wish not to be contacted again are removed from the sample. Those with registered mental illness are removed from the sample for their protection.