Thanks to funding from the Police Transformation Fund, a volunteer policing initiative that will see a significant number of pilot projects delivered across twenty-four police forces has launched.

Part of the National Citizens in Policing programme, this initiative involves a group of over 500,000 volunteers who support the police.

The projects will include testing a digital platform for recruitment and communication with volunteers in communities, utilising Special Constables to run joint response vehicles with paramedics, involving Special Constables in counter-terrorism activities and working with employers to encourage new ways of freeing up staff to volunteer in policing.


National Pilot Summary Project Plans

Below, you can download all of the national pilot summary project plans in PDF format:

  • National Evaluation of the Mini Police Programme

    Lead Force: National VPC, Durham, Merseyside, City of London

    Undertaking a national multi-site evaluation of the Mini Police Programme.

    Download PDF
  • Transition to adult volunteering

    Lead Force: National VPC, West Yorkshire

    Developing and testing models to support the transition of young people across minipolice, Cadets, and ultimately into positive adult engagement within the policing family or beyond, including transition from Cadets into adult volunteering opportunities as PSVs and Specials.

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  • Special Constables and PSVs in Counter-Terrorism

    Lead Force: Metropolitan Police

    Creating new voluntary roles in counter-terrorism, specifically within the Prevent and Major Incident Investigation teams, by undertaking an assessment of skills demand and matching to existing Special Constables and volunteers.

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  • Tackling elder-crime

    Lead Force: Avon and Somerset

    Production of materials to share the learning from the ‘Public Presentation Team’ model, which provide elder-crime themed presentations to community groups, building community awareness and providing crime prevention advice.

  • ‘Walk in their shoes’ (Engaging PSVs with personal experience of vulnerability)

    Lead Force: Northumbria

    Recruitment and utilisation of PSVs with personal experience of vulnerability. To pilot a specific project engaging sex workers as volunteers, to support improved community engagement and safeguarding.

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  • ‘No Bars’ (Exploring new models of vetting for certain categories of volunteers)

    Lead Force: Cheshire

    To implement and test new models of community engagement and vetting, in respect of some risk-assessed volunteer roles.

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  • ‘Volunteer Police Reserve’ (testing new models of volunteer attraction, deployment and integration)

    Lead Force: City of London

    To test a new model for a ‘Volunteer Reserve’, including demand-led deployment of integrated PC/SC/PSV/VPC teams, trialling and encapsulating new powers, and testing matrix management of volunteers.

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  • ‘Community Befriending’ (Reducing vulnerability and demand through community networks)

    Lead Force: North Yorkshire

    Delivering and evaluating a partnership Community Befriender Scheme to provide support to people identified with different vulnerabilities, delivering low level intervention and encouraging the building of social networks and relationships.

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  • Reforming Special Constable Recruitment and Development (Including bespoke recruitment and training)

    Lead Force: South-East Region (all five forces)

    Implementing and testing new models of Special Constable recruitment and training that provides consistency across the South-East region and improves experience and retention. To deliver a sophisticated, in-depth and longitudinal evaluation of the experience of Special Constables progressing through the new models.

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  • Diversity in Metropolitan Special Constabulary Leadership

    Lead Force: Metropolitan Police

    Delivering a programme of work to identify inhibitors for BME and female Special Constables applying for/succeeding in MSC promotion processes, implementing and testing new initiatives to increase representation in senior volunteer roles.

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  • ‘Career’ Specials

    Lead Force: Hertfordshire

    Developing and testing new models to improve the experience and utilisation of ‘career’ Specials, in particular across different aspects of policing and specialisms, CPD, pathways to leadership, and ongoing structured support.

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  • Police Volunteering Recruitment Platform

    Lead Force: Merseyside

    Developing and testing an interactive online platform which allows volunteers to virtually match their skills to roles and departments in policing, and to manage the vast majority of the recruitment process online. To include a virtual noticeboard to enable ongoing skills/demand matching.

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  • Reducing demand (Plymouth)

    Lead Force: Devon and Cornwall

    Developing and testing a new partnership project to reduce demand in Plymouth, working with partners through a community-based approach to volunteering.

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  • Blue light collaboration

    Lead Force: Gwent

    Evaluation of an existing collaborative initiative between Gwent Special Constables and the Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust and secondly, to scale up the idea and explore further collaborative opportunities with the Fire Service.

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  • Reforming Special Constable recruitment, training and pathways

    Lead Force: Wales (all four forces)

    Developing, implementing and testing a common model of recruitment, training/development and pathways for Special Constabulary officers across the four Welsh forces. Innovating an improved pathway for Specials who join the Regulars, achieving a ‘one journey’ model for progression and development as a Constable. Improving the developmental support and pathways for ‘career’ Specials. Delivering a sophisticated, in-depth and longitudinal evaluation of the experience of Special Constables progressing through the new model.

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  • Developing and Evaluating Employed Supported Policing

    Lead Force: North West Region (all five forces) and Hertfordshire

    To further develop the evidence-base for ESP and to test new models of attraction and delivery.

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  • Developing a new Value Model for the Special Constabulary

    Lead Force: Essex

    To develop a new and innovative framework for identifying the contribution and value of the Special Constabulary.

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  • Evidencing the value of Police Cadets

    Lead Force: National VPC

    Assessing the outcomes and cost savings to society relating to the impact of the Volunteer Police Cadets.

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