Valentina Lugli

Research Assistant

Valentina joined the IPSCJ in October 2017 after completing her internship in domestic violence at the University of Northampton.

She has just completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology for Individuals, Families and Organisations back in Milan, her place of birth. Her research and therapeutic interests lie in both family therapy, especially in the field of public safety, and couple’s therapy, with a particular focus on multicultural couples. She is also interested in child development and their process when involved in the criminal justice system, both as victims or witnesses of violence.

Valentina’s background work includes working as a nurse in a day-care centre for children aged 0-3, as well as various volunteering work both in Italy and in the UK, which includes ambulance services and family reunification with migrants with the Red Cross and assisting children in a domestic violence refuge.

Valentina’s work at the IPSCJ sees her engaged in several projects such as SHE – a three-year intervention programme for families with victims of domestic violence, the BeLeave project which evaluates a programme run to prevent girls’ affiliation with gangs, and the evaluation of a Children Wellbeing Programme run by Pacesetters.