Dr Iain Britton

Associate Researcher

Dr Iain Britton is leading the citizens in policing research programme at the Institute. Iain’s main interests are in researching and improving the experiences of those who volunteer across policing, and helping to develop a ‘what works’ research-base for police volunteering.

Iain has undertaken research fieldwork extensively in a number of police forces across England and Wales, exploring the experience and impact of Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers. He is currently lead evaluator across the national Citizens in Policing piloting programme, consisting of 18 projects trialling aspects of police voluntarism engaging 24 forces. Iain is leading the national evaluation of the new Mini-Police programme, which is rolling out across several police areas. He has also helped to deliver a number of national projects, including the national survey of Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers in England and Wales, the national Citizens in Policing data benchmarking exercise, a national survey to inform consideration of Special Constable ‘representation’, and work to identify best practice case studies. This year, Iain was a judging panel member for the national annual Ferrer’s Awards. He sits on the national Citizens in Policing strategic Board and is national workstream lead for ‘evidencing’ CiP. Iain has also recently undertaken a comparative study of volunteer Reserve Deputies in Orange County, Florida.

Prior to his work within the IPSCJ, Iain has had a diverse history of working in senior roles across the criminal justice system.  Since his career commenced 20 years ago as a Probation Officer, he has held leadership roles in probation, drug treatment and youth offending as well as within policing.  Iain’s previous role was as Chief Executive leading the Northamptonshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.