Dr Bernadette Doran

Senior Researcher

Contact Berni:

Email: berni.doran@northampton.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 1604 892544

Berni is passionate about criminal justice issues and how these may impact on victims of crime; as well as providing research to criminal justice practitioners enabling evidence-based decision-making.

She began her career at Northamptonshire Police, working in research and analysis, designing and leading on research related to police performance, crime, public perceptions and victim experiences. She later worked in change management roles designing mechanisms to identify and track the benefits from change programmes.

Berni is a Chartered Psychologist and has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Liverpool which focused on police decision-making. She also has an MSc in Investigative Psychology graduating with distinction. During this time she received a Chief Constable’s Certificate of Merit from Kent Police for work which “made a significant contribution to frontline policing”.

She has published in journals such as the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, and has spoken at national and international conferences on criminal justice related matters.

Berni joined the IPSCJ in February 2016 and is leading a number of research projects related to victims and justice; and organisational transformation.