Dr Carol Borland Jones

Associate Researcher

Contact Carol:

Email: carol.jones@ipscj.org

Having completed a PhD in tourism and crime, Carol brings significant expertise and passion to her role as Associate Researcher at the Institute for Public Safety Crime and Justice.

While living in an area of high tourism, Carol was inspired to undertake research in to issues that arose in both the closed season, when caravan parks and holiday camps were shut and in the summer, when rural areas grew to accommodate peripatetic populations that replicated urban numbers.

Following the award of her PhD from the University of Plymouth, Carol took up her first teaching post in 2006 and is highly-experienced in lecturing on different areas of crime and the criminal justice system. Throughout her academic career, Carol has travelled extensively in order to increase her knowledge and understanding of all areas and to work on a range of funded research projects across various topics.

Her late husband was a Special Constable and therefore she has first-hand experience of the motivations to volunteer within communities which will inform her work with the IPSCJ’s Centre for Citizens in Policing.

Conferences and event presentations

British Society of Criminology Conference
July 2014, University of Liverpool, UK
The Increasing Cost of Crime for International Tourism

From Rural to Urban: The impact of tourism on crime in the rural environment
September 2007, Harper-Adams University College, UK

British Criminology Conference
July 2005, University of Leeds, UK
The Tourist Victim: Identifying and meeting the needs of tourists who are victims of crime

British Criminology Conference
July 2005, University of Leeds, UK
Evaluation of a national burglary reduction initiative targeting older people

British Society of Criminology Conference
July 2004, University of Portsmouth, UK
Failing to prevent hotel burglary: implementation failure in a multi-agency context

New Driver of Tourism Economies
October 2003, Cape Town, South Africa
The Tourist Victim: The Real Cost’s of Safety & Security

World Victimology Society Symposium
July 2003, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Meeting the needs of tourist victims

World Society of Victimology Symposium
July 2003, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Hotel crime: who cares?

Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference
October 2002, Brisbane, Australia

Tourism Research 2002: An International Interdisciplinary Conference
September 2002, Cardiff,UK
Tourism and crime: Australia leads the world, but what about England? Perceptions of tourism, crime and disorder: the views of Cornish residents and businesses

British Criminology Conference
2002, University of Keele, UK
A visitor is a visitor…. is a victim: the impact of crime on tourists

Tourism and Crime (Restormel District Council & Devon and Cornwall Constabulary)
March 2002, Hendra, UK

Home Office
16th-17th May 2001, Torquay, UK
From Audit to Action: A Workshop for Crime Reduction Partnerships