IPSCJ release findings from phase one of the Citizens in Policing National Benchmarking Exercise

The IPSCJ is delighted to release it’s evaluation of volunteers in policing as part of the national Citizens in Policing strategy.

The national portfolio for Citizens in Policing – led by Chief Constable Dave Jones – has launched a new national strategy which prioritises evidence-based approaches. The national benchmarking exercise aims to identify current data on citizen involvement across all forces in England and Wales and to drive improvements in data and analysis across citizens in policing.

The report highlights many key gaps in the strategic data available to police leaders on the volunteering across their forces, but  also provides some interesting insight into comparisons between different force contexts and the current scale of activity. The report identifies there are over 38,000 volunteers providing over 6.5 million hours of voluntary service directly within police forces.

This is the first report of the ongoing national benchmarking project, delivered by the IPSCJ, and  is the first time this level of data has been systematically gathered across police volunteering at a national level.

Click here to view the Citizens In Policing National Benchmarking Exercise – Phase One report.

Click here to read detailed findings.