IPSCJ launches international study in to leadership and strategic management of volunteers in policing

The Institue for Public Safety, Crime and Justice is delighted to announce it will be undertaking an international study in to the leadership and strategic management of volunteers in policing both in the UK and USA.

The project will explore and compare the strategies, perspectives and culture around police volunteering amongst senior leaders in policing and examine and evaluate the experiences, strategies and perspectives of volunteer leaders in the Special Constabulary, Reserve and Auxiliary programmes in both countries.

This follow’s the IPSCJ’s UK Citizens in Policing National Benchmarking Exercise – the most extensive gathering of data around citizens in policing ever undertaken in the United Kingdom.

The IPSCJ is also undertaking in-depth research within a number of police forces across the UK.

To date this fieldwork has been undertaken in nine forces, including research with the Special Constabulary of the Metropolitan Police Service in London and Police Support Volunteers in Greater Manchester Police.

It is hoped this international research piece will significantly evolve the understanding of police volunteering and help to contribute to the improvement of experience and impact.

Dr Laura Knight, Director of the IPSCJ, said:

“This is an exciting project for the Institue and reflects our standing as leader in the field in research around volunteers in policing.

“The sharing of information in this area is critical to increasing the impact of volunteers in public safety roles, and I’m delighted to therefore be working with professionals in the USA to help us further build the evidence base that will lead to a more efficient and effective sector.”