IPSCJ Director to chair Inter Faith Forum

Director of the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice, Laura Knight, will chair a debate held by Northamptonshire Inter Faith Forum this evening focussing on how religion is portrayed in the mainstream media and how this affects communities.

Ms Knight is due to complete her doctoral study with the University of Leicester later this year, which addresses policing approaches to faith communities, perceptions of disproportionality in police protection and surveillance and the effects of community hostility and faith hate crime. As a result, she has been asked to chair the forum due to her expertise in the areas of faith perception.

The event – which is being covered by the BBC and is titled The Media: Religion’s friend or foe? – will focus on recent news coverage around faith-based issues and discuss how their portrayal is affecting the way in which people of certain religions are perceived.

Laura Knight, Director of the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice, said:

“It is a privilege to be asked to contribute to such an event and it is one that I’m very much looking forward to.

“The mainstream media is hugely influential and therefore the way it represents different religions can make a significant difference to how they are perceived and treated in local communities, both positively and negatively.

“I’m sure that chairing the Northamptonshire Inter Faith Forum’s discussion on these topics will provide much food for thought on a number of subjects that will further inform the work we do at the IPSCJ with a number of public safety organisations.

“It also provides a chance for the Institute to contribute to our local community, something we’re extremely passionate about doing.”