IPSCJ asked to present to Police Forces at Special Constabulary

The Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice will today (26th January 2016) present its research programme into police volunteers and special constables to representatives from 28 Police Forces from England and Wales as part of the Building Northamptonshire’s Special Constabulary event.

The number of serving Special Constables in Northamptonshire has more than doubled since Police and Crime Commissioner and IPSCJ Board member Adam Simmonds made growth of the Constabulary a priority on entering Office, with 355 joining the ranks since September 2012 to make a current total of 636, who contribute an average of 12,000 hours per month towards keeping the county safe.

Following the successful growth of Northamptonshire’s volunteer force, senior policing figures from around the country will visit Northamptonshire Police Headquarters this afternoon, where IPSCJ associate Dr Iain Britton will present on ourCentre for Citizens in Policing programme, which has been created to develop the evidence-base around police volunteering in order to help deliver new policing models.

Read Dr Britton’s blog from the event, here.