Institute invited to help develop new national security standards

The IPSCJ is delighted to have been invited to help develop new security standards that will help universities and higher education establishments prevent and deal with emerging terror threats.

The new Campus and Higher Education Security Standards (CHESS) will be developed with the support and financial backing of the government Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism, and features three strands:

  • an expert advisory group, comprised of representatives from Government departments, policing, law enforcement and counter-terrorism;
  • practitioner groups comprised of security, colleges and higher education colleagues; and
  • the CHESS project team.

Head of Special Projects at the Institute, Superintendent Dave Hill, will act as project manager for the advisory group, which will provide information and strategic insights into credible security threats.

The team will also produce the latest Government advice on dealing with threats, in order to create a one-stop resource for universities and colleges. The collaboration will encourage organisations to share knowledge and experiences, in order to further develop standards.

Superintendent Hill said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity to create a framework that will allow institutions to proactively protect their infrastructure, staff and students from sophisticated threats that unfortunately exist in our modern world.

“By bringing together experts in the field with key decision makers at some of the leading institutes in the UK, we will be able to understand the challenges faced, and how these can be practically managed in live environments.”

The advisory group will be chaired by University of Northampton Vice Chancellor, Professor Nick Petford; while the CHESS project team will be led by the University’s Institute of Logistics, Infrastructure, Supply & Transformational Travel (iLISTT).