Evaluating the Introduction of Coaching in Policing by Dr Berni Doran (video)

In this video, our very own Dr Berni Doran explains the evaluation of police force coaching following its introduction under the EMPAC Organisational Transformation network.

Berni details what happened when Northamptonshire police requested an assessment of the coaching programme to see if it had any impact on the leadership and personal management styles of their employees. This involved looking at the prospect of creating a coaching culture within the force and reviewing the impact of coaching on personal development and employee wellbeing.

The programme looked at both coaches and coachees, and covered the following areas:


  1. Thoughts and experiences of the coaching programme that was delivered to them.
  2. Opportunities to deliver coaching.
  3. Their views on the benefits of coaching to themselves and the organisation


  1. Benefits of receiving coaching.
  2. Opportunities they have had as a result of coaching.
  3. Impact of the coaching on their day-to-day work and wider organisational performance.

Watch the full video below: