Citizens in Policing Workshop – 10th July 2018

Citizens in Policing: Exploring trends and findings from the national benchmarking exercise and surveys of Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers.

This workshop will explore the emerging findings from national research on Citizens in Policing and is hosted by the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice (IPSCJ) in collaboration with the East Midlands Police Academic Collaboration (EMPAC).

The workshop will include:

  • an overview of the 2018 national benchmarking of Special Constables, Police Support Volunteers and Cadets;
  • analysis of the national surveys of Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers;
  • key patterns and trends identified within the 2018 data (compared to the 2016 data); and
  • discussion on factors shaping the experience of volunteering in policing, progress through recruitment and training, and leadership within the Special Constabulary.

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The event will discuss the results and aim to develop knowledge around the analysis of the national evidence base to help inform local priorities and practice.

This workshop is intended to be the first in a series of events designed to strengthen community practice around volunteering in policing and provide opportunities to engage with the development of national strategy and policy for Citizens in Policing.

The workshop will be led by Dr Laura Knight (Director, IPSCJ), Dr Matthew Callender and Dr Iain Britton.

The event is free to attend and will be held on 10th July 2018 between 12.30pm and 3pm at the Innovation Centre, Northampton.

Spaces are limited, and we expect them to be in high demand. To reserve your space at the event, please email